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Draw King

Draw King

Draw King is a chromecast game where your goal is guessing what the other player is drawing in the shortest time possible.



Lines is a multiplayer chromecast game, where the goal is to survive longer then your opponents. You have to dodge other lines or outsmart your opponents by using your superpower at the right time.


Our story

Shocking Sheep Studios was setup during a school project, where we worked in a group of six students. We had 20 weeks to create a product of our choice. During this time we created DrawKing a drawing game for the chromecast.

We had a lot of fun creating the game and were supported by enthousiastic teachers, who couldn't wait until the game was finished. At the end of the 20 weeks we had a working game, which we were very proud of, although it did not work perfectly.

Personal Info

  •   The Netherlands