Our Goal

In the age of smartphones, it seems like we’re spending less time enjoying fun activities together. Well, fear not! Shocking Sheep Studios is on a mission to bring back the joy with our collection of delightful little games meant to be enjoyed with friends. Let’s use our mobile phones to unite and have a blast!

And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of phones – feel free to join in the fun on your desktop. We’re all about inclusivity here.

We hope you’re having a fantastic time exploring the content on Shocking Sheep Studios! Oh, and just like you, we’re not fans of ads, so we’ve kept our website squeaky clean for everyone’s enjoyment. Let the games begin, and here’s to a jolly good time!

Jolly Journal

A cooperative storytelling game. Players create and share journal entries to collaboratively build a story. Each player writes part of the narrative, passing it on to others who continue it, adding their unique twists. The game emphasizes creativity and laughter.

Draw King (Currently in redevelopment)

A local multiplayer drawing game where players gather around a screen and use their phones to draw prompted words, while others guess what is being drawn. This game fosters creativity and quick thinking, often resulting in hilarious and unexpected outcomes that bring laughter to everyone. With Chromecast support, you can cast the game to your TV, transforming your living room into an engaging and entertaining space for family and friends.